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Quick Turn Prototype, High quality PCB assembly, 
Factory for 20 years, 100% tested

Company Profile

JST Group - Jove HK Ltd is a group of companies providing professional services for the whole process of PCBA (printed circuit board assembling), from PCB (printed circuit board) and electronic components procurement to semi-products and finished products. We can accurately meet customer needs and go all out to realize customers products from plans, drawing. 

    JST Group - is a company which could quickly purchase all kinds of electronic components, monitors, metal and plastic parts from the Asia, Europe and USA markets.

       Jove hk ltd could design and produce PCB (Printed circuit board) in China on a JOVE factory ( and in India PCB factories. We   always grasp the development of advanced technology of the times, take the achievement of outstanding electronics as its own responsibility, and become a sustainable high-tech enterprise, benefitting society. 

       We start our business in 2001 year to produce PCB board on JST PCB factory and specialize in electronic manufacturing services (world known as EMS - Electronics Manufacturing Services). 

        Our Mission is to reduce cost and save the best quality of PCBA. We buy electronics components from distributors using Hong Kong as a customs-free zone, we buy PCB (Printed Circuit Board) directly from PCB factories in China and India, then organize assembling , testing and making 100% quality control after. 

       JST PCB (Jinshitong Shenzhen Technology PCB Co., LTD - 深圳市金世通电路科技有限公司  ) established on April 20, 2001 with 200 employees and 10000 sqm of production and office area. We can offer services from PCB designing, manufacturing to PCB assembling, testing and housing.

     Our PCB production capacity can reach 20000 sq.m. per month and EMS assembling capacity at 150,000,000 components per month.

        JST Group and Jove HK ltd - is a best choice to get good price and lead time for PCBA from the prototypes to the mass production.

        Also, we design and produce our own products to become original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and become an End Users for our PCBA factories. 

The main customers are from medium-sized manufacturers in the line of consumer electronics, digital products, radio telecommunication, industrial management and automation, medical treatment, etc. 

Under the guidance of our senior management and industry experts, all of our efforts are from eternal JST staff. JST has become a very stable - healthy company since 2001. As the leading brand, JST is going to shoulder great social responsibility and operation mission, fully participate in international competition, and strive to become the world-class PCBA manufacturer. 


Quick Turn prototype and mass production PCB


We dedicated in manufacturing 1-28layer quick turn, prototype and mass production High precision PCBs with the principle of “the Best quality, the lowest price and the promptest delivery”

Strong OEM manufacturing capabilities


Our manufacturing facilities include clean workshops and four advanced SMT lines. Our placement precision can reach chip +0.1MM on integrated circuit parts, which means we can almost deal with all kinds of integrated circuits such as SO, SOP, SOJ, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP and BGA. Additionally, we can provide 0201 chip placement through-hole components assembly and finished products fabrication.


Committed to improving product quality


We are committed to improving our product quality constantly. Since its inception, and currently has more than 10,000 square meters of factory buildings more than 200 employees, and passed the ISO9002, SGS certification and UL certification, the quality of our products can fully meet the requirements of customers, products exported to Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and other countries.




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